Hinduja Hospital has landed themselves in a hot soup after a 56-year-old Thane housewife lost her life after heart valve surgery in the presence of top heart specialists.  According to reports by The Times of India, the Bafna family was assured that Manju Bafna’s heart surgery involving a transcatheter mitral valve was going to be 200 percent safe. Despite the reassurance given by the staff, the surgery costed Manju her life, and 43 lakh rupees that her husband Mithulal Bafna painstakingly coughed up, was gone down the drain. In what is seen as a case of medical negligence, TOI reports say that the heart valve, which was specially ordered for the surgery, “fell” into the heart during the procedure, which was stated as the cause of death.

The hospital had assured the family that the surgery was completely safe and that the patient would be back home in just five days. But following the surgery, Manju went into a coma for 60 days and passed away on 19th December 2017. After repeated complaints, Hinduja Hospital reimbursed 12.47 lakh rupees to the Bafna family on “humanitarian grounds.” The family also received an additional 11 lakh through medical insurance.

Following his wife’s death, Mithulal Bafna has registered a complaint with the Maharashtra Medical Council on 28th December 2017 against Hinduja Hospital for medical negligence. The family contents that they were not told about the full risks of the procedure and they never had a chance to meet or interact with the specialist who was flown in for the surgery.

The hospital has denied all charges of medical negligence and Dr Kushal Pandey from Hinduja Hospital told TOI that the patient was on her way to recovery after the operation. Contradicting the family’s claims of medical negligence, it was a bout of vomiting that triggered an infection. This in turn caused health complications and ultimately led to Manju Bafna’s death.

Source : http://www.thehealthsite.com/news/woman-dies-after-a-rs-43-lakh-surgery-said-to-be-200-safe-failed-k0118/