Surgery Negligence

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While surgical negligence takes place in less than 1% of all surgery procedures throughout UK hospitals, there are several circumstances under which mistakes are common. These include:

  • Performing a wrong site surgery
  • Failed surgical procedure
  • Incorrect surgical procedure
  • Unnecessary surgery
  • Delay in surgery
  • Failure to remove unintended foreign objects during surgery

Having a surgical procedure performed inadequately may also lead to perforated organs and severe infections internally or externally. Each of these supplemental issues cause a great deal of harm to the body, and can have a lasting impact on your ability to live a quality life. When any of these surgical errors takes place, you or a loved one have the right to get answers and potentially receive compensation for complications caused by surgical negligence.


Your family and your loved ones often pay the high emotional price of negligent surgery when a doctor has performed an operation such as unnecessary surgery, a wrong site surgery, or a negligent delay in surgery occurred; however, making a claim with our help takes place on a no win, no fee basis which takes away your financial risk. The emotional and financial losses from surgical negligence can be profound, including a myriad of general and special damages. If you have suffered from surgical negligence due to a failure to remove unintended foreign objects during surgery or other another devastating surgical outcome, you may make a claim for compensation to pay for pain and suffering, any ongoing treatment required because of a wrong site or failed surgery, necessary equipment needed in the home post-procedure, and psychological damage that is common after surgical complications.
Billions have been spent on medical mistake claims throughout the UK, but starting a claim for surgical negligence carries with it no financial risk for you. That’s because we work with patients and their families on a no win, no fee basis, handling the total claims process for you, from understanding what happened to gathering the appropriate records and documents, and ultimately getting you the compensation you deserve.


When starting the surgical claims process, it is first necessary to understand you do have a time frame in which you must make a formal claim. For most cases, patients or their loved ones can bring a case for surgical negligence within three years of the incident taking place or from when the illness or injury of a failed or wrong site surgery was recognised. If you’re not sure about timing for your situation, you should certainly call us and we can confirm. You may take legal action with our help if you have experienced negative outcomes of surgical negligence, or if you are the next of kin of a patient who has died or cannot start a claim themselves due to incapacity. No matter who is starting the claims process for surgical negligence, it is in your best interest to contact us for legal guidance as soon as you are able, and there is no financial risk in doing so.
Throughout the claims process, you will be asked to recount your experience several times so that an accurate account of what took place can be documented and verified. The claims process for surgical negligence takes certain legal expertise to get you the compensation you deserve, and we work with you and your loved ones on a no win, no fee basis to ensure that happens in a timely manner.


Our expertly trained medical solicitors know well the burdensome toll that making a surgical negligence claim can place on you and your family. Because we work with one in 10 medical mistake claims cases in the UK, we understand what it takes to get you through the process without causing unnecessary turmoil in your day to day life. Our first goal is to listen to what you experienced, and then get to work on obtaining the compensation you need and deserve.


Whether your bad experience with the hospital was due to a wrong site surgery, an unnecessary surgery, a delay in surgery, or a failure to remove unintended foreign objects during surgery, we will need detailed information regarding what took place. That includes when the surgery happened, what complications arose during or after the operation, and what remedies you sought to minimise damages incurred. We will work directly with the hospital with your authorization to secure the medical records and notes that explain the circumstances further, and from there we will begin the negotiation process to settle your claim.
If you’re unsure if you have a reason for making a surgical negligence claim, you can start by submitting an enquiry online, calling to speak with one of our expert solicitors, or by taking our simple 30 second claims test. Once we have listened to your story, we can better determine what your next steps should be in terms of legal action. Contact us today if you or a loved one has experienced the outcomes of surgical negligence and you want assistance getting the compensation you deserve.

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