DEHRADUN: The Medical Council of India (MCI) recently set aside the suspension of Dr B K S Sanjay by Uttarakhand Medical Council (UMC) on grounds of lack of evidence.

The doctor was earlier suspended on grounds of unethical practices and for violating the code of ethics of medical profession. In its order passed earlier this month the MCI overruled the decision of UMC on grounds of "lack of evidence to hold the appellant guilty of misconduct or negligence."

Dr Sanjay was barred from practice for six months by UMC after a complaint was filed by Dr (Lt Col) MML Ahluwalia regarding alleged medical negligence during the treatment of his son who was admitted in Sanjay Orthopedic, Spine & Maternity Centre.

Earlier, a committee constituted by the district magistrate and led by the chief medical officer, had reportedly not found any medical negligence on the part of the hospital. However, the ethics panel of UMC barred Dr B K S Sanjay from practicing for six months in a letter dated August 2017. The doctor had then approached the MCI. The ethics panel of MCI in Delhi started investigating the matter.

They observed that the order passed by UMC does not record any reasons in support <01Justify>of findings to the effect that there was grave misconduct on part of the doctor and nowhere discussed documentary evidence. The committee felt that in absence of any evidence, there is no reason to hold the appellant guilty of misconduct or negligence.

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