NEW DELHI: When Max hospital Shalimar Bagh gave back the bodies of the twins to the parents, they did not even record the time of death of the infants in its register, police found while probing a case of medical negligence against the hospital. Max hospital declared a stillborn child dead and handed over the twins to the parents in plastic bags.

The records of the hospital show that the only the time of birth of the twin babies was mentioned and not their time of death despite the babies having being handed over in two separate packages.

The final report in connection with the cause of death will be submitted after getting the final opinion from the histopathology department of Safadarjung Hospital.

The Delhi Medical Council had earlier issued notices to nine doctors and two nurses of the hospital in connection with the medical negligence case.

The license of the 250-bedded hospital had also been cancelled by the Delhi government citing negligence on the part of the doctors.

On November 30, a newborn premature baby was declared as dead even though he was alive. When the baby was being taken for burial, he showed physical movements. He was then admitted to north Delhi's Agarwal Nursing Home but died on December 6.

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