KOLKATA: A nine-month-old infant was admitted to the Beleghata ID Hospital for treatment after being diagnosed with diarrhoea. But even after 10 hours of admission, no doctor came to see her. When the parents asked for doctors, they were told that January 23 being a holiday, it was not possible to say when a doctor would come.

In order to convey his message of this gross medical negligence to the health department, father of the child took to social media. On Tuesday, he did a Facebook Live from ID hospital campus. Family members of other patients also came forward and took part in this protest. They highlighted the pathetic condition of treatment in ID Hospital.

But later on it was found that lack of doctors in the hospital is the main reason behind this negligence. Apart from the two administrative heads, there are only 5 doctors in the hospital to look after 780 patients. Of these five doctors, four are specialists in medicine and one is a radiologist. There are no other MD doctors in the hospital. To manage indoor, outdoor and emergency units, 10 MBBS doctors are there. All of them are over the age of 50. So it becomes difficult for them to monitor patients effectively. There is no child specialist in the hospital.

The acting head of Medicine department, Dr Tirthapratim Purkait said, "If we see that a child has number of other complications then we instantly refer the child to other hospitals where there are specialised doctors."

There are no pathology doctors in the hospital either.  

"It's true that this is a teaching hospital, yet we have not been brought under the Medical Council of India (MCI)," Purkait added. 

Head of the hospital Dr Utpal Kumar Bhadra said, "We have appealed to the health department. They have assured that the matter will be taken care of soon."

Source : https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/kolkata/lack-of-doctors-negligent-staff-at-beleghata-id-hospital-makes-patients-suffer/articleshow/62634573.cms