Association reacts to survey stating 92% of people don’t trust health care system

Doctors are here for the larger good of the people and the need of the hour is to restore people’s faith in them, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) has told its doctors, after a survey indicated that about 92% people do not trust the health care system in India. The survey comes on the heels of a spate of medical negligence cases being reported from across the country.

“Hospitals appear to be the most distrusted followed by doctors and others. The key reasons given for the erosion of trust are series of failure in the health care system, particularly negligence by hospitals. Lack of transparency is also the single biggest impediment to the health care system,” said Dr. K. K. Aggarwal, Immediate Past President of the IMA.

He added that doctors as a fraternity have been accorded the status of “next to God, since Vedic times”.

‘Noble profession’

“The medical profession is regarded as a noble profession and no other job has been given a similar high status. The practice of medicine is becoming increasingly complex and time consuming. We are in pain. The profession is facing its worst period,” he said.

Doctors noted that the doctor-patient trust, which was already experiencing a downward spiral, has deteriorated further.

“Doctors do not have the intent to be the cause for public unrest or loss of public trust. People must also understand that to err is human and one incident does not mean that there will be more such cases in future too,” read a statement issued by the IMA.

“The medical profession is here to not benefit doctors. The medical profession is redundant without patients. Trust is the very foundation of a doctor-patient relationship and must be restored urgently,” Dr. Aggarwal added.

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