Had Delhi health minister Satyendar Jain responded swiftly to allegations of corruption against public servants in his department, he could have saved himself from being ostensibly caught up in the Delhi Dental Council (DDC) scam in which the CBI caught two persons accepting a bribe. The allegation is that the bribe money taken by the council registrar was meant for Jain.

The accused, registrar Rishi Raj, and advocate N Pradeep Sharma, allegedly accepted a bribe of Rs 4.73 lakh from dentist Sanjay Arora to provide a favourable judgment in a case filed against Arora. DNA quoted Arora saying, "He (Rishi Raj) said the money will go to the minister. The meeting occurred on 16 January, 2018, and Rs 1 crore was demanded for clearing me in the review order (of case filed against him by a patient) jointly by advocate N Pradeep Sharma and Rishi Raj.”


In no time, a seemingly unholy link between Jain and Raj surfaced. The CBI laid its hands upon three property documents allegedly belonging to Jain that were in the custody of Raj. Forty-one cheque books in Jain's name, his wife's name and in the name of a private estate firm were also discovered.

The AAP was quick to offer a rebuttal: These documents were earlier submitted to Income Tax Department and hence could not be held against Jain. "The properties in question were already disclosed by Jain in his election affidavit as well his tax returns and the related documents were taken by the CBI in last year's raid at his residence," an AAP source told NDTV.

But what the AAP and Jain cannot deny is the purported link between Jain and the Delhi Dental Council. According to Raj, the CBI also later recovered three laptops and hard drives allegedly belonging to Jain from the residence of Delhi Medical Council president Arun Gupta.

What the AAP and the minister also cannot deny is that the government turned its back on the complaint of unethical behaviour earlier filed against Raj — in the same case —and thereby encouraged his alleged misconduct.

The case:

In 2016, Udit Aggarwal, an NRI, received dental treatment from Arora, CEO,  Zental Dental Clinic, Delhi. Aggarwal accused Arora of misdiagnosing him with Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. He also accused him of wrongly, negligently and recklessly grinding down 12 of his natural, healthy teeth.

“Such extreme treatment gave no significant relief to me from the symptoms. On the contrary, it significantly worsened my health, so I filed a case with the Delhi Dental Council, a quasi-judicial body,” Aggarwal told Firstpost. The DDC sent the case to it Complaints, Ethics and Disciplinary Committee. The committee engaged Ajoy Roy Choudhury, professor and head of the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department, AIIMS, as an expert.

After an investigation, Choudhury reached two conclusions in his report: Arora did not follow the due procedure of diagnosis to conclude that the patient suffered Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. To diagnose the disease, the patient needed to undergo an MRI, which wasn't ordered.


“Any diagnosis confirmation and treatment should be started only after MRI as per the guidelines of America Society of TMJ surgeons,” his report said. The report further threw light on the treatment of the patient, saying that conservative therapy was also not given to the patient.

The report added, “The dentist changed the occlusion and incisal guidance for the patient without going through the usual protocol of trying out conservative therapy.” After hearing both parties and taking the report into consideration, the council declared that there was nothing wrong with the treatment Arora provided.


Aggarwal, who termed this decision 'utter nonsense', told Firstpost, “The Delhi Dental Council connived with the doctor and passed the judgment in his favour.” Firstpost contacted Delhi Dental Council vice-president Saranjit Singh Bhasin for his response, but he said he was unaware of the case details. “A sub-committee examined the case. It'd be better if you contact the committee. I won't be able to comment," he said.

Firstpost then contacted Deepesh Dhalla, a member of the sub-committee. But he too expressed inability to comment and suggested that the chairman of the sub-committee be contacted. Firstpost attempted to contact sub-committee chairman PN Awasthi, but he did not respond.

Why was the alleged bribe paid?

Though the DDC absolved the doctor of negligence, it also observed that Arora’s website contained claims about his professional degrees which are not recognised by the council. The council said he also displayed his photo on his website and made "tall claims" about his treatment outcomes, which was against the ethical principles of the profession.

The committee directed him to rectify the website within eight weeks from the order, which was passed on 20 July, 2017. However, no such changes have been made to the website. A source in the council, speaking with Firstpost on the condition of anonymity, claimed the money demanded by Raj was to amend the order to allow Arora to keep his website as is. Arora has claimed in the media that the money was demanded to "settle" the matter.

Aggarwal also wrote to the Delhi government, claiming that the registrar was behaving in an unethical manner. In an email addressed to the president of Delhi Dental Council, also marked to Jain, Aggarwal complained that the registrar advised him to settle the matter amicably with Arora despite "overwhelming evidence to suggest Arora’s unethical and unscrupulous activities".

"But Raj suggested that I amicably settle the dispute by following the procedures suggested Arora. This, despite the fact his earlier treatment failed miserably,” Aggarwal added.

Arora dismissed the allegations levelled against him by Aggarwal as 'frivolous'.   "I have been fighting a frivolous complaint by a patient to extract money from me at the DDC for more than one-and-a-half years now," he said, according to the DNA report.

Despite Aggarwal's complaints, Jain did not pay heed. Now, the CBI has decided to question Jain. Had he acted promptly, Jain might have spared himself.

Source : http://www.firstpost.com/india/delhi-dental-council-scam-cbi-to-question-satyendar-jain-after-link-emerges-health-minister-has-only-his-own-inaction-to-blame-4342085.html