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Dealing with a company that specializes in Medical Negligence & Malpractice gives you the peace of mind to know that the legal team assessing your case has the experience and knowledge to give you the absolute best chance of having your case taken on…

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Medical records

You have to supply complete medical records of your case for ascertaining us to timeline of events that led to the medical mistake. Medical negligence can be related to the following malpractices : Cosmetic claims Hospital Negligence claim Pharmacy claims Pragnancy and claim Eye injury compensation Any surgery negligence Performing a wrong site surgery Failed surgical procedure Incorrect surgical procedure Unnecessary surgery Delay in surgery Failure to remove unintended foreign objects during surgery


The job of our legal team is to get you the best possible settlement in your case. Compensation includes all out of pocket expenses, loss of earnings, any potential private treatment costs to put things right…

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Tritent Legal is a law firm situated in Delhi led by Advocate Rakesh Malhotra, having experience in the legal field. Our team consists of experience lawyers, solicitors well conversant with their job. He has a team of dynamic Advocates, retired Judges who perform under the supervision, guidance and aegis of senior associates and experts in the respective fields. Thus we at our firm endeavour to provide prompt and best advice. Honesty, Sincerity and Hard-work is out motto. Tritent Legal is a best law firm  & Advocates situated in Delhi, Our team will become an extension of your team, making Legal Department support services more efficient and even more accessible.

Our Medical department specializes in all types of medico-legal claims including:

  • Obstetric negligence;
  • Birth Injuries to mother
  • Birth Injuries to child
  • Fatal Medicine claims
  • Wrongful births
  • Spinal Injury
  • General Practitioner claims
  • Fatal Claims
  • Anaesthetic & surgical negligence claims
  • Failure to diagnose/Delay in diagnosis claims
  • General Medical Claims
  • Nursing Care Claims
  • Orthopaedic Claims
  • Claims against private doctors/hospitals

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What is Medical Negligence ?

Most doctors and other medical specialists manage very high standards of method, but with medical treatment there is repeatedly a danger confusing, and thus accidents do surely appear. Persons who bid medical help and treatment unquestioningly state that they have the skill and knowledge to do so, that they have the skill to decide whether to take a case, to decide the treatment, and to administer that treatment.

There is a myraid of types of medical treatment that medical negligence claims can impart to. These include:

a) Accident and difficulty

b) Disease treatment

c) Ordinary practice

d) eyelet surgery

e) Mental health

f) Obstetrics and gynaecology

g) Paediatrics

h) Plastic surgery

i) Radiology

j) Vascular surgery

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